Variety Shows


Approx 7 min x 10 eps
No. 11111-3-000450

Japanese Cooking Show in Chinese Language using Chinese Ingredients!

Japanese food is healthy and is receiving attraction from all over the world. However Japanese meals seem to be very difficult to cook and not many people try. On “SUSHIWUYU”, Mocomichi will cook Japanese meals using Chinese ingredients and will show you how easy it is to cook a Japanese meal. Each episode a famous Chinese guest will appear and you will see the cultural exchange between China and Japan.
[Structure of Program]
Opening → Introduction of Ingredients → Cooking Time
→ Guest Eats and Comments on Meal & Chats→ Ending

Main Cast: Mocomichi Hayami (速水重道)
                A popular Japanese actor. (TV series “Absolute Boyfriend(絶対彼氏)”, Cooking Show “Moco’s Kitchen”)
                Well known for his cooking skills and has a cooking show in Japan.
Guests: 党妹 (Web Influencer), 黄成希 (Animator) etc

Language: Dialogue in Chinese & Japanese with Chinese Subtitles
Release: Digital Platforms in China every Monday starting Jan 28, 2019.
             Full 10 eps will be released by the end of April 2019.

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