Variety Shows

The Fuccons

2.5min x 104eps
No. 11111-3-000049

Witness the quirky humor of the Fuccons!!

This hilarious skit depicts the everyday life of an American family, The Fuccons, who has just moved to Japan. Father James, Mother Barbara and their only son Mikey are living an amusing life while a lot of people around Mikey cause the Fuccon family various kinds of troubles.

Aired on TV, it has become very popular among the young people in Japan and everybody loves the Fuccons. Very fashionable and pop, and their words are full of black humor!
Once you meet the Fuccon Family, you'll never forget them!!


Born in Kyoto in 1968 and still works in Kyoto.
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts.
He went to Royal College of Art in London as exchange student.
He has earned a great reputation in the international art scene. He directed his first film "Kuruwasetaino (I Wanna Drive You Insane)". This film was given good reviews at the Stockholm Int'l Film Festival '98 and received The New Director Award at the 8th Japan Film Professional Award '99.
Then he presented his first midnight TV variety show series "Vermillion Pleasure Night" in 2000. It became very popular among young people in no time at all and they said that they had never seen a program or pictures or short comedies like this before. This TV show had finally become a film titled "The Color Of Life" in spring 2002 and a smash hit in Japan.

- MoMA Film Festival -New Directors / New Films (U.S.A.)
- Fantasia Film Festival (Canada) *The Grand Breakers Prize
- Cinema Tout Ecran (Switzerland) *Jury Prize
- Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)
- Berline International Film Festival (Germany)
- Soul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (Korea)

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