Variety Shows

Super Golden Yoshimoto

55min x 130eps
No. 11111-3-000050

Comedians of Yoshimoto group have been going out to cities on location to develop amusing shows. This time with the help of Internet, they take in requests and reactions of the audiences sensitively to their show. They have collected from the audiences their requests (Plan this! Challenge that! etc.) on website. They pick up materials from those requests and produce a show out of them. After the show, they have audiences vote whether the show was amusing or not on the website. That means the result of the vote directly becomes an evaluation on them. By getting reactions of the audiences directly from the website, they eventually become producing the shows severely to meet audiences satisfaction. And that certainly leads to a better quality program.

The requests from audiences:
"I want to meet a girl of my first love."
"Our town is missing laughter. Please do something!"
"Is it true that you become irritated when you are hungry?"
"I want to make my granddad burst into laughter."
"What's so fun about mountain climbing?"

and many more...

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