Variety Shows


Format / Program 25min x 300eps
No. 11111-3-000053

It's "Love Season" all year around for young generation!

NELTUN (A group-dating variety show) was made for young, lonely men and women who had not yet found their true love. It is the first and probably the only program in Japan or in the world, to attempt creating a show out of an arranged date between a group of young people wanting to meet his/her right man or woman.

This program recorded great ratings in Japan, and even to use the word "NELTUN" was in fashion. During it's long run broadcasting of 7 years, many happy couples were made, some of them successfully leading to marriage.
We are happy and proud to present you with this top Japanese variety program, "NELTUN."

The Opening
15 young men and women introduce themselves, later confessing their first impressions to the host of the show.

Free Time
Chance to talk freely to your favorite man or woman. It is not unusual to see four or five impatient men approaching one good-looking woman. Needless to say that it is more wise and advantageous, to make a fast move towards your favorite man/ woman in order to lead your rivals and make a couple at the end!

Proposing Time
Each man run towards the woman he likes and proposes one by one. When there is more than one man to a woman, a "Wait a Minute!!" call is given and they all propose on the same spot. The proposed woman can just say, "I'm sorry" if she does not want to accept any of the men. The serious looks on men's faces at this moment are always dramatic and of course are the main attraction of the show!

This delightful show full of dramatic entertainment is held under many different situations such as "Meeting A Sportsman," "Meeting A Guy With A Cool Car," "Dating In Swim Suits," "Women Proposing Men" and many others.