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Super Quiz Doubt

Format / Footage
No. 11101-3-000056

Variety Quiz Show -Discover the Mistakes!

This program is a unique and original Variety Quiz Show which discovers mistakes from all kinds of general knowledge and information which we take for granted today.

By creating a quiz based on questions from the public viewers and reporting those doubts(mistakes) found on the street, the basic concept of the show is for the appearing guests in the studio to discover the mistakes contained in the reported video footage.

As a result of many wonderful ideas and rich imagination, this variety show is full of great excitement and humor, it includes games created by using computer graphics, games with themes taken from legends and old folktales("Monkey" (Trip of Tripitake), "The Hare & Tortose"), the "Doubtman-Quiz" where our program character, Doubtman visits and reports from different locations each week.

The program was a magnificent hit in Japan and due to its popularity, the show led three consecutive seasons, from "Doubt I," "Doubt II" to "Doubt R (RETURNS)."
Take advantage of this Super Quiz Show, by using its CONCEPT or FOOTAGE, you can be sure to create true entertainment for you own channel.